Please let me know if you have charts, mp3’s or youtube links to add?  Or if you can provide info where I have question marks, please let me know.


Bitov Booklet
Dajchovo horo mp3 pdf pdf ?
Djunguritsa mp3
pdf Grupa Majstori [1] This alternate mp3
 is from Susan Anderson, 2008: Vassil & unknown tambura player
Dragneva Tropanka mp3 pdf From Generation to Generation low pipe pdf
Gankino horo mp3
pdf Stranzhanskata Grupa
Godfather’s Ruchenitsa mp3 pdf pdf 11-4: Georgi Andreev
Graovsko mp3 pdf 11-4: Georgi Andreev
Kalino malino (Varnensko) mp3 pdf ? youtube
Kitchitse & Ruchenitsa mp3
pdf ?
Kopanitsa mp3 pdf pdf ?
Kustendilska mp3 pdf ?
Makamlijsko Horo mp3 pdf pdf ?
Pravo (2006 gajda class) mp3 pdf ? low pipe pdf
Pravo (Georgi Petrov) mp3
pdf Georgi Petrov finale file
Ruchenitsa mp3 pdf ?
Sos ma karash maichinko mp3 pdf ? youtube (Vievska folk group)
Trite puti mp3 pdf ?
Varnenski Kyuchek
(2006 gajda class)
mp3 pdf pdf ? low pipe pdf
Zheni me mamo mp3
pdf pdf ? [1] mp3 from Henry Goldberg, a similar sample

Please note: All source recordings are for learning purposes only (well, and to ensnare you into loving this music). If you do love this music, buy from original sources and attend gigs! Music re-transcribed from Marcus’ book is done with his permission.